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Whether you are just wanting to get healthier, improve your gut health, get more energy, reduce tiredness and discover the amazing power of food and its ability to be a very powerful healer. This is the place for you to find some science backed nutritional approaches to achieve your full health potential.

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"‘I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 27. Keeping my blood glucose levels stable and low has always been a challenge. In the Summer of 2017, with my 50th birthday only a few months away, I decided to visit Lynn to see whether I could improve my general well being, especially my energy levels. Seeing Lynn over the last 7 months has been a life changing experience for me. I feel energised, healthier and happier than I have in a very long time. The impact on my day to day blood glucose levels and HbA1c results has been both breathtaking and transforming. My blood glucose levels are stable and the lowest they have been since my diagnosis 23 years ago. Lynn’s support is tailored to me, she is incredibly knowledgable, up to date on new areas of research and communicates her advice clearly. She is kind and sensitive in her approach. Lynn has shown me that it is never too late to take control - I would recommend Lynn to others without hesitation.’"


""I made contact with Lynn after another disappointing and frustrating appointment at the fertility clinic. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for over two years with no joy. Tests showed my body wasn't ovulating, which doctors said was due to having a low BMI and being underweight, a size which I have been my whole adult life. Doctors however would not assist us in anyway until I put nearly a stone in weight on, a task which I knew to be impossible. I felt we were in a catch 22 situation. I reached out to Lynn out of sheer desperation, at that time I did not believe diet could improve fertility, but I was willing to try anything. Lynn got immediately in touch with me, offered me reassurance that all was not lost and that my Husband and I may become parents without medical intervention, but by diet choices. After following Lynn's advice and diet plan, our dreams came true and we got a positive pregnancy test just a few weeks later. We now have a beautiful baby boy and I can finally call myself Mummy. Not only did Lynn make our dreams of becoming parents come true, by sticking to the diet I feel so much better. I no longer have sugar drops and spikes, mood swings, hot flushes, I am much nicer to be around and have so much energy ready to be chasing around after our little boy. I whole heartedly believe our baby is here down to Lynn's vast knowledge of how diet and foods affect the human body, knowledge which she shared with me, along with her advice, supportive words and kind encouragement.""


""I first visited Lynn just over a year ago after an ongoing battle with pain from what my doctors thought was IBS. After walking out of the" doctors surgery with four different prescriptions I thought there had to be a better way. I found Lynn online and had a good look around her website, I could relate a lot to the information shared on there and booked an initial consultation. From visiting Lynn as a last resort I wish I had gone years ago, after thorough research and in depth analysis Lynn was able to pinpoint where my pain was coming from and today I am nearly totally pain free. Lynn is so friendly and welcoming she makes the visits a pleasure to attend and really takes time to get to know each person individually. While it takes a lot of hard work and determination I can without doubt say that visiting Lynn has changed my life for the better." "


""I chose Lynn initially because the fact that she had managed to find her way through her own serious health problems meant that I had confidence in her. This confidence was well placed. Lynn is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, caring and always researching new developments in nutritional therapy. Over the time that I have been seeing Lynn we have gradually built a profile of the nutrition that suits me. And that is the point of nutritional therapy - unlike other dietary advice it is tailored to our particular presentations as individuals. Lynn has suggested dietary changes bit by bit and always based on sound research, detailed investigations into my health and detailed consultations. She has always done this in a way that feels manageable and logical. I have more energy, my overall well being is improved and there are lots of other spin offs such as having strong nails and much thicker hair! At its deepest level however nutritional therapy can be profoundly healing. It takes time and some effort, but it is worth every bit of it, and Lynn is an excellent practitioner to take you through this process." "


""Lynn has an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge which is matched only by her professionalism and compassion. She explains things in such a clear way that you fully understand why she is suggesting that you follow a certain protocol. I found what she suggested for me to be appropriate, helpful and effective. Lynn is a lovely person and a pleasure to consult; I can't recommend her highly enough.""


""After two years of gastrointestinal problems that included bouts of acid reflux every day and night together with all the associated symptoms of irritable bowel l looked for help on the Internet, and found Lynn. Lynn has a great knowledge base and experience that enabled her to help me with my gastric related problems. Lynn explains everything clearly and helped me get my digestion back on track to what it once was. After 3 months of following Lynn's advice on diet and how to eat regular nutritious and balanced meals my health and digestion have improved so much that I feel I have my life back again. My digestion has improved beyond my expectations. Meal times in the past caused me pain and discomfort whereas now meals are a pleasure again, plus I also enjoy social meals out with my friends. I would certainly recommend Lynn as an invaluable source of help and support""

West Midlands

"“I have just had the most amazing 9 weeks on my new eating plan and thanks to you I have now lost 17lb! I'm so pleased I have met you as you are the first person who has really listened to me regarding my health & eating habits holistically. I believe the difference between a nutritionist & dietician is that the latter are more generalised in their approach & prescribe diets linked to conditions (I attended a GP dietician 6 week programme) that didn't work whereas you have tailor made a programme for me & it works! It works because I love the food, I have no cravings, I'm satisfied , feel well & have a balanced homeostasis, it's a part of my life - amazing having been on diets for 35+ years!“"


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